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For the amateur food lovers, the creative home-cooks, and the masters of cuisine, our handcrafted infusions and rubs are considerately blended for your taste journey.

Every product starts with sustainably sourced Himalayan salt, herbs and spices. These are handpicked for exquisite blends that are carefully packaged and delivered with love. From the earth to your table – a celebration of the creation of taste!

Our mission is simple…make the foods you love taste their best.

Himalayan Salts

Sustainably- sourced Himalayan salt blended with fresh herbs and spices.

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Infused Salts

Various infused Himalayan salt blended with fresh herbs and spices.

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Cuisine-themed Rubs

Blended spices and herbs inspired by various cuisines around the world.

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Vintage Infusions:

(Vino Floral) Introducing salts with character.

Our Vintage Infusion range is a delicate blend of dried aromatic flowers and Himalayan salt naturally infused with bold red vino. Offering a charming balance of elegance and passion – a taste celebration for the finer things in life. In this fusion, we honour traditional flavours and our passion for creative experimentation. A blend that allows the ingredients to speak for themselves. Cultivated yet grounded. Refined yet humble.

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Our Hand Crafted Salts & Rubs

Cuisine-themed Rubs

NEW! Lemon Sweet Chilli 200ml


Cuisine-themed Rubs

Veggie Rub 200ml


Cuisine-themed Rubs

Thai Meat Rub 200ml