Cuisine Themed Rub Collection 6 x 200ml


That Rub Collection 6 x 200ml

Every product uses 100% natural ingredients that are hand-selected for a flavour-conscious blend.

Cuisine Themed Rub Collection 6 x 200ml


Moroccan Rub

Texan Rub

Veggie Rub

Thai Meat Rub

Cajun Rub

Lemon Sweet Chilli Rub

We are celebrating some of the world’s cuisines! With all the endless combinations of herbs and spices, our rub range is inspired by the infinite flavours of the world. There are hundreds upon hundreds of herbs and spices out there in the world. Each cuisine in the world has explored specific combinations of herbs and spices inspired by their local produce, seasonal growth, and global influence. Our rub range is considerately blended with inspiration from the thousands of spice combinations that form the history of who we are today – travellers of taste sensations.

An array of herbs and spices create various flavours and palates in our rub range that can be used in an array of dishes. As South Africans, we are lovers of all food from all cuisines. To commemorate our global origins and colourful cultures, we offer you an exquisite blend for any occasion. From Moroccan flavours of sweet and salty to Texan flavours of smoky, sweet and chilli; from Cajun’s explosive flavours to Thailand’s complex subtlety. Explore the earth’s palate in the comfort of your own kitchen.

To honour the creative spirit of cuisines around the world, we have curated a variety of blends from across the world that calls us home to comforting food. It’s time to explore the flavours offered by those all around the world, step outside of our comfort zone, and try a new recipe. One-pot wonders and feasts for family and friends – laughter and love across a table filled with memories. Enjoy the tantalising flavours from around the globe!

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