Himalayan Lemon and Herb 200ml


Himalayan Lemon and Herb 200ml

Every product uses 100% natural ingredients that are hand-selected for a flavour-conscious blend.

Himalayan Lemon and Herb 200ml

Ingredients: Himalayan salt, rosemary, fennel seeds, lemongrass, origanum, white peppercorns, chilli flakes.

Serving Suggestions: A light blend of herbs and chilli complement fish dishes, salads, potato salad, and chicken fillets.

Our full range of Himalayan salts use natural ingredients that are considerately blended to create explosive flavour combinations for any occasion. Himalayan salt is unprocessed and naturally cultivated from salt rocks in the region of Punjab, Pakistan. Like everything, salt should be consumed in moderation, but Himalayan salt is healthier for you than table salt because of its natural roots. Without synthetic processes, Himalayan salt has many trace elements, such as potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium, which benefits your body’s health in various ways. It can assist in digestion by increasing enzymes that assist in the breakdown of food, preventing dehydration by maintaining good fluid balance in the body and detoxifying the body by balancing the pH levels in the body. Besides cooking, people enjoy Himalayan salt for therapeutic uses too; salt rocks for purifying the air, body scrubs, and bath salts for detoxification.

A quick history about salt: it was first used about 6000 CE for the preservation of food, and was highly valued, so not everyone could use salt. Salt helped keep food fresher during summer and for travelling over distances. Salt was thus a fundamental pillar in developing civilizations as they traded and travelled. The most important contributor of salt was its flavour! People, many years ago, did not have a very refined palate as they did not have many options to season their food, then along comes salt, and it’s a miracle ingredient offered by the earth to not only preserve food, but to also add a whole new flavour that enhances the taste of food.

A pure salt, Himalayan salt is about 98% sodium chloride, so a little bit goes a long way. Himalayan salt is the perfect salt to reduce your sodium intake without compromising on flavour. Himalayan salt’s minerals give it a different flavour compared to other salts – it adds a richer and more full-bodied flavour to any meal. Its beautiful hues of rosy pink derive from the trace elements found in Himalayan salt which does not need processing, additives, or bleaching like other table salts. A beautiful and healthy seasoning to honour the love of flavour and good food!

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