Worcester Infused Salt 200ml

Worcester Infused Salt

Every product uses 100% natural ingredients that are hand-selected for a flavour-conscious blend.

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Ingredients: Worcester infused salt.

Serving Suggestions: A delicious salty, smoky, and beefy flavour for egg dishes, toasted sandwiches, stews, meatballs, and red meat on the braai.

Playful Infusions for your cooking journey. Your cuisine journey begins with wholesome ingredients. A play of flavour combinations invigorates the senses; they dare the explorer within to venture into the world of taste sensations. Bold infusions and humble ingredients honour the experimental seeker in us. Get ready to spark the curiosity in your creative spirit and translate it into the preparation of delicious meals!

Our Infused range uses 100% natural ingredients that are creatively curated for your flavour voyage.
To honour the creative home cooks, the adventurous amateur chefs, and the rebellious masters, we have ventured out from the simple and ignited palate combinations that stand out from the rest. Our experimental salt infusions are blended to balance between the ordinary and extraordinary, the simple and complex. Each bottle stands proudly in its unique colour and aroma. To celebrate the simple flavours of the earth to your table, each infusion uses 100% fresh dried herbs and spices.

To salute the different flavours our country has to offer us, we infuse our 100% coarse sea salts with delicious vinos, ales, and vinegars. Coarse sea salt has a natural salty flavour that does not overpower any dish. This strong, yet neutral salt flavour infused with bold vinos, ales and vinegars will invigorate the taste sensations. A delicate yet bold blend for your creative palate. Honour the love of flavour and good food!


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Our collection of extraordinary, high quality and handcrafted rubs and infused salts. We aim to enlighten and inspire food & beverage lovers of the elevated experiences our salts have to offer. Our mission is simple…make the foods you love taste their best.

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